Connecticut Residents Get Connected With Satellite Internet

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For a New England state Connecticut holds onto much of its country feel. Unlike its closest neighboring states of Massachusetts and Rhode Island, much of the state is rural. In this way Connecticut is more comparable to the northern New England states of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. Even with its proximity to New York City, it has been able to maintain a more small town and country feel. Previously this was somewhat of a limitation when it came to staying up to speed with the rest of the world. However, today, with the advent of satellite internet, all Connecticut residents can get connected to the online world.

Satellite internet brings high speed internet to places in the country where it was previously not thought possible. It gets smaller and more rural towns connected to the world wide web via satellite signal. This is much more practical and efficient for these kinds of communities because of the cost and infrastructural work necessary to run cables to places that are so far away from one another. For this reason much of Connecticut, save for the bigger cities, were left with slow dial-up connections or they had to pay high fees for DSL installation.

By getting connected with satellite internet Connecticut residents can enjoy a high speed connection at a low cost. It is also a connection that is more reliable than dial-up and DSL, because it is unaffected by downed power lines. This is important to most Connecticut residents, because New England winters often yield harsh snow and ice storms that can knock down power lines for weeks at a time. With this service residents can be connected all the time, despite how rural the area they live in is and in the face of harsh weather conditions. It is a great option for Connecticut residents.

Additionally, Connecticut is a hub of prestigious educational institutions as well; such as Yale University, Trinity College, Connecticut College, and Wesleyan University. All of the higher education institutions are dependent on the internet. Many college campuses are making the switch to satellite internet so that they can assure a reliable high speed connection no matter where they are located. For this reason as well Connecticut residents and students are thankful to have this alternative option for getting connected.

Connecticut is a state that allows residents to enjoy the tranquility of a rural area while still being in close proximity to busting cities like New York, Boston, and Hartford. It is a place that gracefully bridges the gap between high paced modernity and a slower more tranquil rural lifestyle. Satellite internet serves that exact purpose. It bridges the gap between those who live in small towns and rural parts of the country with the high speed world around them. It allows users to have a foot in each place, giving them the ability to switch between the two places or be in both simultaneously.

By bridging this gap it allows people to live at a slower pace and also allows them to work, socialize, and communicate at the same pace as the rest of the world at their leisure. Connecticut residents can have the best of both worlds with this innovative new web service.

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Connecticut Residents Get Connected With Satellite Internet

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This article was published on 2010/11/25